Tim Ottinger

Senior Consultant

Round Lake Beach, IL - USA

For over 40 years Tim has been committed to understanding and improving the art of software development. He is a programmer, author, trainer and coach. His style is practical and hands-on, steeped in several Agile and non-Agile traditions.

Tim rapidly communicates concepts and practices, and is recognized for his compassionate and practical approach to work.

Since Tim has been programming since the late ‘70s, there are few things he hasn’t done. His career has included work in many industries and disciplines, including military apps, medical/healthcare, tax and accounting, warehouse automation, code generation, telecommunications, industrial machines, and construction payment processing to name just a few.

Tim is an insightful author with writing credits in Clean Code, Pragmatic Bookshelf magazine, Clean Agile, the C++ Report, Software Quality Connection, and other publications over the years. His breakthrough use of speed-training aids is the basis for the book Agile In A Flash, co-written with Jeff Langr.

Besides maintaining an active feed on Twitter and Linked-In, he is a blogger with articles appearing on the Industrial Logic blog and less formally on his personal blog.

He is an active speaker and author with a long history of speaking on technical and organizational topics at conferences and gatherings frequently giving keynote presentations on leadership, efficiency, communication, safe software practices, and continuous improvement.

Tim believes that he and his fellow employees at Industrial Logic can make the world of software development more humane, safe, and productive. He has an infectious enthusiasm for learning and coding, a surprisingly fresh willingness to experiment and grow in new directions, and the experience to focus his energy for the good of a team, a product, and a company.

He lives in northern Illinois between Chicago and the Wisconsin state line. He enjoys cooking, playing musical instruments, watching 1950s scifi, entertaining, and of course reading. He and his wife share a passion for sightseeing and photography – a way of bringing their love of nature and art together.

Tim Ottinger

Upcoming Courses

Technical Excellence Workshop

July 12 - September 3, 2021