Product Training

Delight customers with outstanding products by leveraging valuable principles and practices.

What are your customer's unmet needs, what is your product roadmap, and how could evidence-based approaches help you make better product decisions? Our product training answers those questions and more.

Please explore our product offerings below and talk with us about how we might customize our training to best meet your needs.

Product Training

Modern Product Thinking

Product Excellence Workshop

Based on a mix of Modern Agile principles, design thinking, user experience practices, and lean concepts, this workshop will help you experience the joy and profitability of product excellence.

Product and Customer Discovery

The Product and Customer Discovery module guides participants down a path of curiosity about customers and their unmet needs. Modern product thinking starts from a position of learning - not solutions.

UX for Product Development Teams

The User Experience Design workshop introduces participants to foundational concepts of user-centered design. This includes the design process, user journey mapping, and usability testing.

Experiment Driven Product Design

The Experiment Driven Product Design module introduces participants to the core concepts of product experimentation. This includes planning, setting up, and executing a well-structured experiment to validate or invalidate risky product assumptions.

Defining MVPs and Product Metrics

The Defining MVP & Product Metrics module provides guidance on taking validated assumptions to the next level.

Product Operations

Flow-Based Product Roadmapping

The Flow-Based Product Roadmapping module provides the tools for modern product roadmapping and how to get away from a quarter-by-quarter feature wish list.

Product Prioritization and Forecasting

The Product Prioritization & Forecasting module teaches participants how to frame better questions around “when will it be done?”.

Flow-Based Go To Market

The Flow-Based Go To Market module teaches participants how to apply a Lean mindset to go-to-market and launch activities.

Real Work Product & UX Workshop

The Real Work Workshop gives teams a chance to work with a deeply experienced coach to get real work completed while learning valuable new skills.

Becoming Product Driven

Creating A Measurable Product Strategy

The Creating a Measurable Product Strategy module teaches participants how to frame an effective strategy for a product that will provide focus and alignment.

Product Identification and Taxonomy

The Product Identification and Taxonomy module is for people interested in moving their organization in a more product oriented direction.

Product Portfolio Allocation

The Product Portfolio Allocation module reframes traditional concepts of “portfolio planning”, shifting them from an operational activity to a strategic one.

Product Articles
By Charlotte Chang

Journey Mapping to User Story Mapping

Many agile teams struggle to incorporate design thinking into their agile delivery. Bridge Journey Maps and User Story Mapping enable fast, responsive delivery, making customers awesome.
By Tim Ottinger

Prioritizing With the Eisenhower Matrix

This little 2x2 matrix is a simple formalism with many uses!
By Tim Ottinger

Estimates vs Actuals

“Oh, no! We estimated 23 story points for the sprint, but we only turned in 20. We’ve failed the sprint!”