Brett Schuchert

Senior Consultant

Oklahoma City, OK - USA

Brett Schuchert is a strong believer in the small, and the simple (though simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy). He believes in the importance of understanding the deeper forces driving the way in which work gets done. He’s especially keen in understanding, and where appropriate, guiding changes in mental models.

He started teaching computer literacy in 1985, began professional development in 1989, and reviewing books, rather than just reading them, in 1990.

He’s coached development and business teams in Agile/Lean methodologies. He’s performed agile transformations, working in the small and large, spanning several industries from oil & gas to retail. His Agile style is immersive, delivering tangible results in areas from reducing delivery variability to the honing of technical skills.

Brett worked with a large utility company’s PMO to introduce the Unified Process, supporting the entire transformation. He coached a smart grid company from the C level to developers. The company was command and control, consistently not making its contractual commitments. It became collaborative and met current contractual commitments. It also delivered the first release of a second project and remains self-sufficient.

As of 2020, Brett had trained across 5 decades. This century he’s focused on Test Driven Development and Refactoring in multiple languages (C++, Java, C#,, Legacy Refactoring, Patterns, Practices and Principles of OOD and Agile Immersions (with Robert Martin). Brett developed and offered an 8-week boot camp on agile software development from Java to Requirements, helping COBOL programmers migrate to Java. He also developed and taught a course on Agile Requirements Exploration.

As a presenter, he’s covered high-level design principles, functional testing, Aspect Oriented Programming, testing and writing multi-threaded solutions. He has delivered talks at Agile Testing Days, The Agile Conference, and several others. Brett has published technical articles including Testing, BDD, Aspect Oriented Programming and JEE. He contributed chapters on concurrent programming and testing concurrent programs to Clean Code, authored the second half of The STL published by Prentice Hall, among others.

Brett received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Iowa and maintains his edge through project delivery, ongoing attendance at various leadership and development programs, and has studied under Weinberg and the methods of Virginia Satir. Brett lives with his family in Oklahoma City, OK.

His current interests involve Tai Chi, Meditation and Liuhebafa.