About Industrial Logic

Let’s begin by exploring who we are not. We are not self-proclaimed “experts” who never get our hands dirty planning, building, shipping or selling software. We don’t hire inexperienced people and pass them off as gurus. We don’t offer solutions that make money for us while failing to solve your issues. We don’t follow fads, and we don’t believe in easy-to-achieve certifications. And we don’t waste your time or money.

We are anzeneers. We protect people by engineering anzen ("safety" in Japanese) into workspaces and code bases, cultures and processes, products and services. Anzeneering leverages safety wisdom from manufacturing, psychology, culture change and Agile and Lean development. It’s our most effective method for helping protect people’s time, money, information, relationships, reputation and health.

Our global staff consists of some of the most recognized agile and lean practitioners on the planet. They are passionate practitioners, coaches, teachers, developers, team builders, culture-changers, best-selling authors, sought-after speakers and entrepreneurs. Our people continuously improve by questioning yesterday's solutions and discovering better ways to deliver results.

Our History

Industrial Logic began life in 1996 with the mission to share wisdom from the software industry's best practitioners. Beginning in 1999, we helped pioneer Agile development, becoming expert practitioners, trainers and coaches of Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean Development, Kanban and Lean Startup.

Leading companies like Google, General Electric, Nielsen Media, Standard Life, Sapient and Schlumberger have relied on us to train and coach thousands of people.

In 2005, we launched the world’s first Agile eLearning, a highly interactive and effective tool for helping people gain critical engineering and planning skills. Today, we are helping our customers free their people to take risks and unlock their potential by leveraging the wisdom of anzeneering.

We Protect You

Why do great companies love us? Because we protect them from risks.
Protecting people, time, budgets and software strategy is what we do.

  • At the end of the project, trust among all of the departments – including sales, product development, testing and data administration was at an all time high. You were changing culture more than just changing a methodology.Don Carlson, Former Executive, Nielsen Media ResearchRead full case study
  • By listening to guidance from Industrial Logic, mission critical software applications similar to what MDS Sciex develops can anticipate reducing defects in their software by a factor of 4.Michael MahRead full case study
  • Industrial Logic’s web-based skill-building courses are simply the most effective self-paced eLearning on Agile available today. It’s the next best thing to having an instructor by your side! It helped HP scale Agile globally in a very cost-effective, flexible way.Dennis Hong, Former Learning Program Manager, HP

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