Who We Are

The journey, principles, and people driving our success.

Starting in the late 1990s, Industrial Logic helped pioneer lean and agile methods in the software industry. Today, our global team of coaches, trainers, and engineers help organizations across many industries deliver better software sooner. Learn more about our principles, history, clients, and staff in the sections below.

Our Principles

Everyday, these four Modern Agile principles guide our decisions and actions:

Make People Awesome
Grow high-performing teams aligned on a mission to exceed people's expectations.
Make Safety A Prerequisite
Make it safe to fail, ensure everyone is heard and relentlessly resolve risks.
Experiment & Learn Rapidly
Adapt quickly to the changing business landscape and constantly strive to improve.
Deliver Value Continuously
Leverage modern tools and practices to remove waste and deliver solutions sooner.

Our History

The timeline below features some of the most significant events in our 27-year history.

  • Industrial Logic's Logo

    Founded, 1996

    Industrial Logic founded with a mission to share the software industry's most valuable wisdom.

  • MTV.com icon

    MTV.com, 1997

    We built the award-winning, Java-version of MTV.com.

  • Agile Pioneers

    Agile Pioneers, 1998

    Helped pioneer lightweight software methods, becoming expert practitioners, trainers and coaches of Extreme Programming and Lean Development.

  • Industrial XP logo

    Industrial XP, 2004

    Introduced Industrial XP, an eXtreme Programming framework designed for large organizations.

  • Agile eLearning

    Launched Agile eLearning, 2006

    Launched the World’s 1st Agile eLearning, a highly interactive and effective tool for helping people learn critical engineering and planning skills.

  • Going Global image

    Expanded Internationally, 2012

    Opened offices in Brazil, India, the UK, and the Netherlands.

  • Modern Agile

    Modern Agile, 2015

    Introduced Modern Agile, four guiding principles for every industry.

  • IL Canada

    Industrial Logic Canada, 2018

    Opened Industrial Logic Canada, headquartered in Toronto.

  • Joy of Agility

    Joy of Agility, 2023

    Published Joy of Agility, by Joshua Kerievsky. The book is a collection of stories that provide a definitive guide to agility, applicable to anyone in any domain.

  • IL Today


    We continue to help our global customers accelerate product discover and delivery.

Our Staff

Our global staff consists of deeply-experienced lean and agile coaches, trainers, and engineers. They are passionate practitioners, team builders, culture-changers, best-selling authors, sought-after speakers, and entrepreneurs. Our people continuously improve by questioning yesterday’s solutions and discovering better ways to deliver better outcomes sooner.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Industrial Logic works with some of the most well-known brands in the world.