Tara Scott

Senior Product Consultant

Minneapolis, MN - USA

Tara Scott is a product, UX and organizational behavior coach who has worked for over a decade with teams, leaders and organizations of all shapes and sizes. She is passionate about helping individuals collaboratively invest in a psychologically safe culture that allows them to thrive, innovate and pour their authentic selves into the products they create for others.

Tara has vast experience as a product development coach to help build pragmatic agility practices and help others understand the art of progress over process. Tara believes in a “human first” approach to creating software, and has spent years within a variety of industries (Ford, Disney, Target) to help create UX and UI practices that allows organizations to keep the pulse on both users and competitors. She has created UX research programs at organizations such as CH Robinson and Leadpages and has used tools such as the Design Studio Method to build better product experiences. Tara is also a certified Fearless Organization™ practitioner and believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be at the forefront of conversations around building dynamic teams.

Tara lives in Minneapolis with her partner and their pug named Penny. She runs, climbs and loves rock n roll.

Tara Scott

Upcoming Public Workshops

Actionable Psychological Safety Workshop

September 9 - October 11, 2024