Ashley Johnson

Senior Consultant

Salt Lake City, UT - USA

Ashley is a high-performance team expert and senior coach for Industrial Logic who is passionate about creating value.  He has personally coached thousands of people across many teams, helping organizations achieve high-performance teamwork through responsible and intentional collaboration. As a coach, Ashley guides enterprise clients through lean/agile transformations yielding measurable improvements in time-to-market and quality. He has a special knack for facilitation and frequently serves as a “translator,” bridging gaps and catalyzing collaboration between executive management, engineers, and customers.

Ashley grew up as microprocessors were moving from electronic hobbyists to office PCs. While still in high school, he wrote a small businesses billing system and did component level repairs on computers. Ashley’s business interests shifted to developing large systems effectively, where he began to focus on what it takes to catalyze high-performance teams.

Throughout his career, Ashley has achieved remarkable results with numerous clients.  He served on the board of the APLN (Agile Project Leadership Network) and played leadership roles with Valtech Technologies, ObjectSpace, and Novell. At Valtech, Ashley was the leader and driving force behind the dynamic culture of their training division that led to rave reviews from clients.  Most recently, Ashley was a co-founder of Gemba Systems, a provider of systematic learning and coaching programs that go beyond methodology best practices. His clients include Xerox, Software AG, Chesapeake Energy, Schlumberger, CarFax, Target Corporation, Applied Biosystems, Intel, Nortel, and GE.

Ashley is a frequent conference speaker on such topics as team performance, scaling Lean and Agile and the role of leadership in self-organizing teams.

Ashley lives in Montana with his wife and three of his six children. He enjoys many sports – scuba, skiing, snowboarding, kitesurfing; is musically inclined; and is learning to paraglide.