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We unlock agility in people and organizations across diverse industries.

Our global group of player coaches, trainers and practitioners help you streamline work, manage risk, increase joy and deliver happiness.

Make People Awesome

Each team is unique. Your approach to agility must fit your culture and your style. We customize everything we do. We listen to your needs, analyze your risks, get to know your people and partner with you to produce genuinely valuable results.

How We Help

Industrial Logic pioneered the Agile movement and today we are a Modern Agile consultancy that helps the world's leading brands radically improve their software development capabilities.

Our global staff of Modern Agile coaches, instructors and practitioners help you get results by tapping into our industry's most valuable wisdom.


When you leave a great workshop, you’re changed forever - inspired by your instructor and empowered with new skills.

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Great coaches are wise mentors. They exemplify what you are striving to become and patiently help you grow.

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IL Squads

​To help product teams find amazing software developers.

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World-class eLearning lets you grow skills anytime, anywhere with engaging content, skill-building experiences and access to experts.

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Player Coaching

​Great player coaches work with your team, model excellence and help deliver your product.

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Guided Learning

​To help people learn in a way that sticks, Guided Learning combines instruction, eLearning and assignments integrated with your real work projects.

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Get to know us

For 20 years we’ve led the evolution of Agile methods. Along the way, we assembled a global team of experts into a full service, Modern Agile consultancy. Learn from them in the following articles and videos or see them live at their upcoming talks.

Modern Agile

Study the most badass organizations on the planet and you’ll find four fundamental principles at work:

Modern Agile Principles

With a simpler, safer, more streamlined approach, Modern Agile helps you get outstanding results.

Let's Talk

Where are you on your agile journey? What are your hopes and challenges?

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During our 30-minute conversation, you will...

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