Psychological Safety Roadmapping

High performing teams are based on a foundation of collaboratively establishing trust.

Most of us don’t know how much psychological safety is present or absent in the mental climate of our teams.

As a result, we don’t know what to improve to reach higher performance. That’s why we created Psych Safety Roadmapping.

Learn how you score on the four dimensions of psychological safety, work with certified Fearless Organization practitioners, get individual and team coaching and discover how to mature your culture for high performance behavior.

" The Psychological Safety Workshop has given me the techniques and the voice to say 'I don't feel comfortable right now. How can we work together in a better way?' " cPanel

How It Works

Our coaches introduce your people and teams to the Psychological Safety Index (PSI), they help people make sense of the quantitative and qualitative feedback of PSI scores, they talk with individuals and groups to formulate ideas for improvement, and they ultimately help you produce a detailed roadmap for improving psychological safety within your group or organization.

The Psychological Safety Index Metrics: Our scan will identify how team members perceive the level of psychological safety within their work context, by measuring four areas: Inclusion and Diversity, Willingness to Help, Attitude to Risk and Failure, and Open Conversation.

Interviews: Roadmapping is more successful when individuals feel comfortable to express their thoughts. Our coaches start a conversation, creating a safe space for expressing opinions, perceptions, and vulnerabilities. The interviews provide key insights into what needs to change in order to improve psychological safety.

Roadmapping: The path to high performance is actionable. Our coaches analyze your PSI metrics and data gathered from interviews to help formulate a plan to improve safety within teams and your organization. Typical roadmaps often include some mix of training and coaching in essential psychological safety behaviors.

Immersive Team Experience - Psychological Safety Workshop: When we model and cultivate psychological safety, we enable greater transparency, closer relationships, improved collaboration, and better outcomes. This interactive course will help you develop skills in growing psychological safety for yourself, your teams and your organization by taking theories and methods and practicing them within your environment in real time.

Upcoming Psych Safety Events

Public Workshop:
Actionable Psychological Safety

May 1 - June 8

Diversity and Inclusion


Open Conversation


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