Technical Training

Learn the technical practices that minimize waste, reduce stress, and increase your ability to deliver value sooner.

From our early days teaching Design Patterns to our latest work in DevOps and Technical Excellence, Industrial Logic has always been committed to helping people learn the industry’s most impactful technical practices.

Please explore our technical offerings below and talk with us about how we might customize our training to best meet your needs.

Technical Training

Virtual and Onsite Workshops & Bootcamps

Technical Excellence Workshop

Learn the behavioral and functional skills, perspectives, and habits that allow development teams to consistently improve their codebase and the outcomes of their actions.

Industrial Android Development

Modern mobile Android app development calls for modern development methods – and that's what sets this course apart.

Industrial iOS Development

Modern mobile iOS app development calls for modern development methods – and that's what sets this course apart.

Industrial Spring Boot

Industrial Spring Boot teaches you how to build fast, flexible, and highly available applications, while avoiding common problems.

Real Work Workshop

The Real Work Workshop gives teams a chance to work with a deeply experienced instructor to get real work completed while learning valuable new skills.

Testing & Refactoring Workshop

Explore the foundations of TDD, microtesting and automated refactoring with the help of various patterns, strategies, tools and techniques.

Continuous Deployment Workshop

This interactive workshop delivers core DevOps strategies and applicable practices such as setting up a Build-Test-Deploy pipeline, incremental feature releases, and production monitoring.

Design Patterns Workshop

Get hands-on experience with essential design patterns in this best-selling workshop.

Evolutionary Design Workshop

Evolutionary Design involves growing something from a primitive beginning to a sophisticated offering. It’s one of the most important agile practices.

Object-Oriented Design Workshop

This interactive workshop teaches foundational object-oriented skills like polymorphism, encapsulation, and delegation. Along the way, you’ll explore what poor OO design looks, common traps to avoid and how to produce good OO designs.

IL Academy

The IL Academy teaches programmers the art of agile engineering. It's a 12-week, intensive program suited for developers who want to acquire essential agile development and team skills.

IL Bootcamp

The IL Bootcamp helps developers experience what it's like to work on an agile team. It's a 4-week, intensive program suited for programmers who want to acquire essential agile planning, development, and team skills.

Technical Articles
By Tim Ottinger

TDD: Purposes and Practices

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is frequently misunderstood in ways that cause needless struggle, delay, and upset. Misunderstanding and misrepresentation have been painful enough that developers hav...
By Joshua Kerievsky

Benefits of Continuous Deployment

Is Continuous Deployment (CD) genuinely beneficial to organizations or just a technical geek obsession that doesn’t really provide value?
By Brett Schuchert

How long is too long for a build?

Synopsis Short builds enable responding to change, continuous code improvement, and keeping your customers happy. When the build slows beyond certain thresholds, there are predictable responses by ...