Effective collaboration is essential to high performance. Our collaboration training helps you learn timeless Lean principles and practices, how to establish psychological safety, and techniques for thoroughly improving teamwork.

Please explore our collaboration offerings below and talk with us about how we might customize our training to best meet your needs.

Collaboration Training

Virtual and Onsite Workshops

Modern Agile Workshop

This interactive and practical workshop helps you experience and learn what being agile truly means. It focuses on the application of timeless principles and practices and goes beyond antiquated agile techniques.

Psychological Safety Workshop

Psychological safety is THE key ingredient for high-performance teams. In this workshop, you will learn how to grow psychological safety in yourself, your teams, and your organization.

Agile Reboot Workshop

Experience what it feels like to be on a high performance Agile team, aligning around a shared goal, eliminating distractions, delivering value and having full autonomy (self organization).

User Stories Workshop

Learn how to write User Stories and produce User Story Maps to effectively evolve products. Discover how User Stories and Story Maps enable better collaboration, acceptance testing, and evolutionary design.

Ensemble Programming

Ensemble Programming is a high-value, low-cost, effective, collaborative, and enjoyable method for completing work more quickly. The whole team works together on the product idea, designing, coding, testing, and deploying it into production.

Behavior-Driven Development Workshop

Has your team ever developed a feature, but found it wasn't quite right? Do the business (product) and development sides work a little too independently? With Behavior-Driven Design you will collaborate successfully and build systems that meet the needs of your product community.

Agile Overview Workshop

The Agile Overview Workshop helps people learn what agility means and experience how agile teams collaborate, accelerate learning, plan products, and deliver value sooner.

Lean Management Workshop

The Lean Management Workshop helps you learn essential Lean principles and practices and how to apply them to product planning and delivery.


Composing User Stories

This album starts by looking at the concept of systems and how an external perspective helps create the best stories. You'll learn the Role-Action-Context template, ten criteria for effective stories, and ideas for kick-starting story-writing when you feel stuck. You'll explore a variety of ways to split and simplify stories to help you ensure that your release is as valuable as it can be. You'll get a job aid to remind you of the key ways to split stories.

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Behavior Driven Development Box Set

Master collaborative Behavior-Driven Development; the art and craft of test-driving your requirements. You will learn to write effective scenarios with the Gherkin language and how to automate those scenarios to drive new feature development while creating a safety net of regression tests.

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Specifying Scenarios Safely

Specifying Scenarios Safely teaches you how to use Behavior-Driven Development to improve your software development capability: You will see how collaboration is the keystone practice that helps you explore and document the most important scenarios for your system.'

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Automating Scenarios Safely

Automating Scenarios Safely builds on Specifying Scenarios Safely, and teaches you how to take scenarios you have collaborated on and convert them into executable tests for greenfield or legacy systems.

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Collaboration Articles
By Joshua Kerievsky

Cycles of Mistrust

Have you ever felt that someone’s behavior was hostile or aggressive towards you, formed a negative opinion about them and then taken protective action(s) against them? If so, you’ve likely partici...
By Joshua Kerievsky

Modern Agile

Have you ever seen someone using an older laptop and just felt bad for them? That’s how I feel when I see most people practicing agile these days.
By Tim Ottinger

Asleep At The Wheel: A Hidden Health Hazard?

A manager told me that one of his reliable developers seemed to be struggling to maintain focus and wakefulness through the work day. Often we see productivity as a matter of raw effort and motiva...