Tim Batty

Software Developer

Detroit, MI - USA

Tim Batty is a software developer who is committed to best software development practices and agile principles. He thrives on breaking down complicated concepts into bite-sized pieces and applying them to product delivery. He is a solution-oriented team player who is able to identify root issues with a passion for delivering quality software continuously.

His experiences include Java, Spring, Kotlin, Kafka, Jenkins, building CI/CD pipelines, JavaScript, responsive web development and back-end technologies. Tim created an award winning CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, which has helped teams make significant leaps forward in the amount of work they were able to accomplish quickly. Before software development and practicing XP software principles, he worked for years in the automotive industry as a problem solver well versed in Six Sigma techniques focusing on continuous improvement.

Tim enjoys using TDD and XP practices while working with teams at Ford. He has worked in various teams and code bases, including:

  • GOE: Ford Application/series of applications to enable Dealers in China to manage orders fornew vehicles. Full Stack Team. Developed Microservices
  • OBM: Ford backend application to manage the Global Order Bank, which stores data for Order Management, Master Sales Systems and Regional Fulfillment Systems for US and Global markets.
  • SI-Con: Ford backend application to convert data for globalization/consumption by OBM
  • FordPass: A mobile app used by Ford to provide a rewards system for Ford and Lincoln customers. Backend application that manages loyalty points.

Tim lives in metro Detroit, Michigan, with his wife and their son. He enjoys father-son projects like building a treehouse/fort in the backyard and disassembling electric appliances to find components and building robotic devices. In play as in work, he loves to take advantage of opportunities to instill wonder and appreciation for learning and applying those principles in new and creative ways to come up with effective solutions.