Product Coaching

Make better products sooner by learning the art of agile portfolio and product management.

Aligning product strategy with business objectives and market demands is key to delighting customers and accelerating speed to market.

We help you grow world class product leaders and high performing product teams by mastering:

  • Product Portfolio & Strategy
  • Product Roadmapping & Forecasting
  • Product Management & Operations
  • Accelerated Product Design & Delivery
Product Coaching

Our Team

Our product consultants, managers and designers work in tandem with your people to help plan, design, and launch products your customers love.

How It Works

We help you engage more and learn faster from your customers, sharpen your product strategy, and grow into a highly resilient, performant product organization.

Customer Needs: Industrial Logic's consultants and coaches work with your business leaders, product managers, and delivery teams to understand your customers’ needs and achieve your business goals.

Product Strategy: We work with leadership to refine your product portfolio and create a product strategy that provides alignment and focus to product teams. We help you define product roadmaps that balance discovery with execution, forecast delivery, and create an accelerated go-to-market or launch process.

Customer Feedback: We help your product teams get meaningful customer engagement and feedback and deliver products that can sustain long term value creation.

High-Performance Organization: We understand the organizational conditions necessary to make product-related change successful and the constraints that can create friction. We leverage our decades of experience across many industries and companies of all sizes to make it progressively easier to become a highly resilient, performant product organization.

Measuring Success

Success will be gauged via:

  • Achievement of business and product objectives
  • Increased value of customer outcomes
  • More time for leaders to be strategic
  • Sustainable and predictable delivery
  • Improved decision making of product features
  • More effective sales and marketing efforts
  • Impactful continuous improvement of work