Perry Reid

Senior Consultant

Oklahoma City, OK - USA

Perry has over 40 years of professional experience driving enterprise software development projects to successful completion. Having worked in the energy, defense, aerospace, finance, and healthcare industries, Perry now applies his diverse and extensive experience to coaching and leading teams of all sizes and in all domains to better outcomes and inspiring team cultures.

Perry is passionate about software development, delivering value, delighting customers, building high performing teams, and relentlessly finding better ways to do so. As a Modern Agile coach, mentor, and software development practitioner, Perry is a student of the disciplines, spending much of his time training and coaching teams all over the world on Modern Agile and Lean values, principles, and practices. Some of these practices include agile chartering, user stories and user story mapping, product management, evolutionary design, agile estimating and planning, blameless retrospectives, self-organization, mob programming, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), refactoring, design patterns, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

One of the advantages of having a long career is that it has given Perry the opportunity to work in many different software development roles including developer, technical lead, architect, tester, database administrator, system administrator, and project manager. These experiences give Perry unique insights into these roles and helps him build high performing cross-functional feature team made up of generalizing specialists (T-Shaped People). But mostly, Perry enjoys making software development more fun.

Having earned a BS degree in Computer Science from The University of Oklahoma, Perry now lives with his wife and Siberian Husky in Edmond, OK. When not coaching teams, Perry enjoys restoring historic houses and classic cars.