Jessica McCay

Software Developer

Detroit, MI - USA

Jessica McCay is a software engineer from Arlee, Montana. She is skilled in Java, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, and Ruby. Jessica’s path led her into cross-platform mobile development where she learned technologies such as .NET, and Xamarin.

With her passion fueling her work, Jessica practises mob programming and the agile methodologies. In just a few short months she helped to develop an impressive cross-platform companion app for one of Hunter’s existing desktop apps.

Jessica has recently worked on the popular Ford Pass mobile application. She enjoys leading kanban stand-up’s and teaching the team how to use mob programming to ramp up learning. Jessica leads by example when it comes to TDD and refactoring.

Born in Ireland to an Irish father and an American mother, Jessica first came to America when she was just 3 months old. She recently had a child of her own, making this programmer one happy momma. When Jessica is not programming or reading about programming, she enjoys spending her days with her husband, son, and two step sons in their home in Detroit, MI.