Siddhesh Nikude

Senior Consultant

Pune, Maharashtra - India

Siddhesh Nikude is a Software Craftsperson who believes in improving the world’s software development by writing better software and teaching others how to do it. He carries over 10 years of experience and prefers calling himself a generalist.

Siddhesh started his career as a smart card developer, where he was introduced to Clean Code and XP. It was then he started working in an iterative and incremental approach to notice effective results. Not only does it improve the design and safety of the software, but it also improves the lives of people working on it. He has worked in a variety of roles from developer to transformation coach on a variety of projects. His client list includes Equal Experts, Caring Company, De Gruyter, e-Zest, Noovosoft, Red Panda, and more. He has mentored teams in B/TDD, mutation and micro testing, CI/CD pipelines, XP/Lean practices, Clean Code and SOLID principles, Scrum, Delivery Automation, Test Pyramid, User Stories/Slicing, Chartering, and Definition of Ready & Done.

His goal is to enable the team to deliver fearlessly at any time. His favourite definition of DevOps is a tweet from Ron Jeffries, “the developers have to wear the beeper” and he’s a big fan of GNU Make. He loves and practices automation in his daily life.

Siddhesh has been actively involved in different community events. He has conducted more than 25 CodeRetreat / MobRetreats. He is quite interested in watching movies, reading books, and making things simpler for people to understand.