Raise your staff's skills by pairing them with our professional coaches.

Industrial Logic’s Coaches are veteran practitioners, deeply experienced in lean and agile product design and delivery.

"Working with my Industrial Logic coach has been one of the best experiences of my professional career. He is calm, level headed, and does a great job of making me feel that I am being heard. I always walk away from interactions with him feeling like I’ve learned something new." Product Manager, Fleet Intelligence, Ford Motor Company

"With the help of our Industrial Logic coaches, we cut one of our key parsers from 8000 lines of code to just over 400, splitting much of the functionality into libraries that all of our parsers can use. The whole thing is surrounded by tests, it’s way easier to read, and runs a lot faster."

eMoney Manager

How our coaching helps


Grow your staff's skills with our outstanding coaches.


Visualize your work and discover better software processes.


Pay down technical debt and improve your software quality.


Learn strategies for scaling across your enterprise.

"The Industrial Logic coaches bring a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, resulting in code that is faster, more robust, and easier to maintain." Chad Seuser, Module Engineering Manager, Large Tractor Drivetrain, John Deere