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We've coached hundreds of product communities in successful transitions to eXtreme Programming, Kanban, Lean and Agile.

About Our Coaching

Industrial Logic’s Coaches are among the best Agile and Lean trainers in the world, deeply skilled in both development and mentoring.

"Industrial Logic's training and coaching, along with their mentoring of internal coaches, has been instrumental in making our Agile transition stick. We have now successfully scaled Agile across our entire IT and Product Management organizations, creating a more collaborative environment."Katherine Thalheimer, Senior VP, Nielsen Media Research

Mentor Staff

Grow the skills of your employees with our outstanding coaches.

Tune Your Process

Visualize your work and discover better software processes.

Improve Quality

Pay down technical debt and improve your software quality.

Scale Smarter

Leverage our services and products to scale across your enterprise.

Coaching Services

How can you produce better products, delighted customers and happier employees?

We work effectively with executives, management, product development, architects, testers, developers, user experience designers, and the many other people who help to produce software within your organization to create a sustainable lean / agile culture.

Our coaches can assess your needs, help define or tune a process, roll out an implementation and mentor your staff to replace us.

"The Industrial Logic coaches bring a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, resulting in code that is faster, more robust and easier to maintain." Chad Seuser, Module Engineering Manager, Large Tractor Drivetrain, John Deere

More Details

On-site, Qualitative Assessment

It's hard to improve if you're shooting blind. To start improving you need to know where you stand. Our visualizations and reports will help you decide if a change is effective and is driving the desired behavior. Imagine visualizing the health of your code base and your team's capabilities quickly and economically.

The qualitative assessments are conducted by one of our expert coaches and take place on-site. This process provides specific and timely insight into the following:

  • Current way the teams operate
  • Significant challenges faced by the teams
  • Key recommendations around successfully adopting new approaches
  • How to establish a pattern of coaching that fits in with their daily work

Online, Quantitative Assessment

The quantitative assessment will provide specific feedback on the Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Object Oriented Design (OOD) capabilities of your developers. This information can highlight gaps in terms of knowledge and skill levels on the team.


A lunch-n-learn is a chance for people to come together over lunch to study some topic in depth. Lunch is usually supplied for free by the host company. The group has access to a projector and can review topics, study code, do coding exercises (sometimes called coding katas or dojos), study articles, books, videos or eLearning.

Coach the Coaches

We know we did a good job when your teams don’t need us anymore. By helping some of your key staff acquire coaching skills we help you become self-reliant.

We find people in your organization who have the skill and temperament to become internal coaches, and then mentor them to help scale your Agile / Lean adoption.

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching provides remote access to experts. Your staff and our coach will meet at regular times to review how things are going, what problems exist and possible solutions to those problems. Conversations can happen via video, instant message, phone or some combination thereof. This one-on-one coaching is provided at a lower cost than embedded coaching, yet still provides customized support directed solely toward your team’s needs.

Most of the same activities embedded coaches perform can be fulfilled remotely via video conferencing and screen sharing technologies.

Embedded coaching

On-site Lean / Agile coaches work full-time, embeded with your development teams for a given period of time. In our experience, a transition to agile methodologies is more likely to succeed where the teams get support from expert coaches from 2 to 4 iterations, who can guide them through applying the new skills they’ve developed during training or other transition work.

After this initial batch of coaching, we like to give each team time to practice on their own. The coaches then revisit the teams on a regular basis to help them further refine their Lean / Agile practices and help correct any problems.

We judge our coaching engagements by whether we helped engender a culture of continuous improvement.

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