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We've coached hundreds of project communities in successful transitions to eXtreme Programming, Kanban, Lean and Agile.

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"Industrial Logic's training and coaching, along with their mentoring of internal coaches, has been instrumental in making our Agile transition stick. We have now successfully scaled Agile across our entire IT and Product Management organizations, creating a more collaborative environment."

— Katherine Thalheimer, Senior VP, Nielsen Media Research

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Mentor Staff

Grow the skills of your employees with our outstanding coaches.

Tune Your Process

Visualize your work and discover better software processes.

Improve Quality

Pay down technical debt and improve your software quality.

Scale Smarter

Leverage our services and products to scale across your enterprise.

Coaching Services

How can you produce better products, delighted customers and happier employees?

You know transitioning to a new process isn't easy. Imagine how much easier it will be with the help of our experts. Each one of our coaches has decades of software development knowledge and of coaching experience.

We can address your team's unique challenges and context by using our depth of experience with Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Lean, and Kanban, as well as technical practices like Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Continuous Integration and a wide range of technologies, languages, cultures, and domains.

We work effectively with executives, management, product development, architects, testers, developers, user experience designers, and the many other people who help to produce software within your organization to create a sustainable lean / agile culture.

Our coaches can assess your needs, help define or tune a process, roll out an implementation and mentor your staff to replace us.

Our success will be measured through qualitative observations of the benefits you get from our coaching service:

Maximized return on investment because of early deliveries.

Lower defect rates because of the increased software quality that using Test-Driven Development brings.

Reliable deliveries and traceable change sets through continuous integration.

Reduced time from concept to cash because of lean / agile planning

Improved maintainability because of reductions of code smells and technical debt

Improved software usability by incorporating customer feedback more effectively

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Online, quantitative assessment
On-site, qualitative assessment
Coach the Coaches
Remote Coaching 10 hours 20+ hours
Embedded Coaching 2 weeks 4 weeks 8+ weeks
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On-site, Qualitative Assessment

It's hard to improve if you're shooting blind. To start improving you need to know where you stand. Our visualizations and reports will help you decide if a change is effective and is driving the desired behavior. Imagine visualizing the health of your code base and your team's capabilities quickly and economically.

The qualitative assessments are conducted by one of our expert coaches and take place on-site. This process provides specific and timely insight into the following:

  • Current way the teams operate
  • Significant challenges faced by the teams
  • Key recommendations around successfully adopting new approaches
  • How to establish a pattern of coaching that fits in with their daily work

Online, Quantitative Assessment

The quantitative assessment will provide specific feedback on the Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Object Oriented Design (OOD) capabilities of your developers. This information can highlight gaps in terms of knowledge and skill levels on the team and identify barriers to Lean / Agile practice the team will need to plan for during an Agile / Lean transition or tune-up.

We provide custom reports which include graphs created automatically by our innovative programing session critique and individual comments on the developer’s technique by our senior coaches who perform manual code reviews.


A lunch-n-learn is a chance for people to come together over lunch to study some topic in depth. Lunch is usually supplied for free by the host company. The group has access to a projector and can review topics, study code, do coding exercises (sometimes called coding katas or dojos), study articles, books, videos or eLearning.

Coach the Coaches

We know we did a good job when your teams don’t need us anymore. By helping some of your key staff acquire coaching skills we help you become self-reliant.

We find people in your organization who have the skill and temperament to become internal coaches, and then mentor them to help scale your Agile / Lean adoption.

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching provides remote access to experts. Your staff and our coach will meet at regular times to review how things are going, what problems exist and possible solutions to those problems. Conversations can happen via video, instant message, phone or some combination thereof. This one-on-one coaching is provided at a lower cost than embedded coaching, yet still provides customized support directed solely toward your team’s needs.

Most of the same activities embedded coaches perform can be fulfilled remotely via video conferencing and screen sharing technologies.

Embedded coaching

On-site Lean / Agile coaches work full-time, embeded with your development teams for a given period of time. In our experience, a transition to agile methodologies is more likely to succeed where the teams get support from expert coaches from 2 to 4 iterations, who can guide them through applying the new skills they’ve developed during training or other transition work.

After this initial batch of coaching, we like to give each team time to practice on their own. The coaches then revisit the teams on a regular basis to help them further refine their Lean / Agile practices and help correct any problems.

We judge our coaching engagements by whether we helped engender a culture of continuous improvement.

Rarely have I met trainers who are truly hands-on. The depth of knowledge and onfield experience of Industrial Logic's instructors is truly inspiring. Their proficiency in agile techniques and TDD is bleeding edge. We have benefitted immensely in barely three days of TDD training with them. We wish they were on our team here in EMC2.

Vimal Kumar, Principal Software Engineer, EMC2

The Industrial Logic team actually does what most other providers only claim to do - provide instructionally sound training and coaching solutions that fundamentally change and improve the performance of our teams.

Susan Stocker, Director, Training & Development, GE Software – Advanced Solutions

The key moment for us was experiencing emergent design first-hand via rapid integration and testing. We also appreciated that the coach could communicate and was also very technically experienced – rare combination!

Bill Rayburn, Cisco Systems

I shudder to think what would have happened if we had not engaged your coaches.

Christopher Duro, Senior Manager, Test Consulting, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Industrial Logic has been instrumental in helping me roll out Agile in IronKey. Even though we had agile/scrum overview training, CSPO training and executive training prior to Industrial Logic getting involved, the key is to also rollout various technical agile disciplines across engineering so that the organization can reap more agile benefits. I could not have done it all by myself, and I am very appreciative of the help IL gave us.

Mun-Wai Chung, Director of Program Management – Ironkey, Inc.

Industrial Logic did a great job for us. We used them for teaching courses, for coaching, and for coaching workshops for our internal coaches. We were impressed with a quality outcome on each of these engagements. Besides professional delivery, I was impressed with the quality of their relationship management and willingness to spend time brainstorming solutions to plant agile in the rocky soil of my big company.

Software Manager, Big-Pharma Company

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Our coaches can assess your needs, help define or tune a process, roll out an implementation and mentor your staff to replace us.

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Joshua Kerievsky

Berkeley, California - USA

Joshua is the founder and CEO of Industrial Logic, a pioneering Extreme Programming/Lean consultancy that radically improves the software development capabilities of organizations around the globe. In the mid-1990s, Joshua was among a small community of “lightweight methods” practitioners experimenting with better ways of developing software. Since then, he’s helped thousands of people ac[...]

Amr Elssamadisy

Cairo - Egypt

Amr is a software development practitioner, seasoned teacher and coach who thrives on delighting his clients. As Industrial Logic’s Director of Client Safety, Amr plays various roles on teams to help his clients build better, safer and more valuable software. He works with both small and large development teams to learn and use new technologies, adopt and adapt appropriate Agile development p[...]

Bryan Beecham

Ottawa, Canada

​Bryan Beecham is an Agile coach, trainer, developer and international speaker with over 20 years of comprehensive IT experience. His specialties are coaching teams, providing effective training and facilitating Agile adoption. He is a software craftsman who is passionate about improving everyone’s ability to design and produce excellent software. Bryan has extensive experience architecting, d[...]

Alexandre Freire

Berkeley, CA - USA

Alex is committed to constantly improving how Industrial Logic delivers value to its customers. He is a programmer, coach, scientist, student and teacher who loves to push boundaries. As Director of Product Safety, he focuses on everything necessary to deliver quality software to solve clients' real world problems and helps provide the tools needed to create a pathway to excellence. Alex believ[...]

Tim Ottinger

Round Lake Beach, Illinois - USA

Tim is committed to understanding and improving the art of software from the angle of “thinking for a living.” He is a programmer, author, trainer and globally recognized coach with over 35 years of real software development experience. His style is practical and hands-on, steeped in both Agile and classic traditions. Tim rapidly communicates concepts and practices, and is recognized for his[...]

Bill Wake

Williamsburg, Virginia - USA

Bill is a Senior Consultant with Industrial Logic. He has been a software consultant, coach and trainer for more than ten years, and a developer for more than twenty. Prior to joining Industrial Logic, Bill managed development at Gene Codes Forensics, Inc., a producer of bioinformatics software. He also held positions with Capital One Financial, VTLS, Inc., and Digital Equipment Corporation. Bi[...]

Ashley Johnson

Dallas, Texas - USA

Ashley is an entrepreneur, high-performance team expert and senior coach for Industrial Logic who is passionate about creating value. He has personally coached thousands of people across many teams, helping organizations achieve high performance teamwork through responsible and intentional collaboration. As a coach, Ashley guides enterprise clients through lean/agile transformations yielding me[...]

Brett Schuchert

Oklahoma City, OK - USA

Brett has 25+ years of teaching and consulting experience. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 firms across a number of industries and countries to train, mentor, and coach developers and non-developers in Agile/Lean methodologies. Brett has led several Agile in the Large Transitions (> 100 people) and Agile/XP Immersions for both online and traditional businesses spanning industries from oi[...]

Chris Freeman

Urbandale, Iowa - USA

Chris is committed to helping students improve and become experts at testing, refactoring, evolutionary design, and taking tiny steps. He is a passionate developer and coach and has been involved in learning and teaching safer Agile techniques for the past five years. Chris is driven to bring greater transparency and increasing technical excellence in the teams and organizations he helps. Chris[...]

Mike Hill

Afton, Virginia - USA

Michael is an acknowledged world leader in programming, coaching, writing and teaching Agile and Lean software production. His quirky wit and passionate style enable him to quickly connect with his teams and to contribute from day one of an assignment. With over 25 years of experience as a professional geek, Mike brings deep expertise in technical matters, and is comfortable and proficient in[...]

Heidi Helfand

Heidi brings a practitioner approach with 17 years coaching and influencing cross-functional teams. She was an early employee at two highly successful startups from roughly 10 team members to 700. The first was ExpertCity, Inc. (acquired by CitrixOnline) where she was on the development team that invented GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. After that she was ScrumMaster turned Principal Agile[...]

Jeff Langr

Colorado Springs, Colorado - USA

Jeff Langr is a software development veteran with over a third century of experience. He has been helping teams improve their ability to deliver quality software, through consulting and training, since 2000. In order to stay current and relevant as a consultant, Jeff has intermittently embedded in software teams as a developer for extended durations. Jeff has written five books on software develop[...]

Perry Reid

Perry is a veteran of the software development industry with over 30 years experience driving enterprise software development projects to successful completion. Having worked in the energy, defense, aerospace, finance, and healthcare industries, Perry now applies his diverse and extensive experience to coaching and leading development teams to successful Agile adoption as well as individual, team,[...]

Ravindra Jaju

Pune, Maharashtra - India

Jaju is an avid programmer, speaker and coach with broad expertise in the areas of system architecture, text and data mining, networking, business & advertising and start-up ventures. He enjoys the mix of teaching and learning that coaching offers. He is highly motivated by technical challenges and by interacting with people, understanding their situation and helping them overcome their problems[...]

Gerard Meszaros

Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Gerard is a Senior Consultant with Industrial Logic. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (Practicing) with proven experience implementing Agile and XP in a variety of problem domains and technical solutions including Java, .Net and SAP ABAP. Gerard is an internationally recognized expert in Agile methods, test automation, software architecture, software patterns and object-oriented system specializing i[...]

Steven Mak

Steven spends most of his time helping teams adopt Agile engineering and testing practices in and around Hong Kong. In his leisure time, he also enjoys writing programs that solve problems. His love of programming started in his early primary school days. He later obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong, where he developed his interests in a variety of pro[...]

John Heintz

John is a holistic product technology leader, particularly with Agile and Kanban development methods. He began his career as a technologist, always seeking solutions with greater leverage and deeper simplicity. He still writes code today, both for his clients and himself. He has consulted with clients on various engagements, including Agile, Kanban, enterprise architecture, test automation arch[...]

Timothy Fitz

Timothy is a coach, teacher and mentor committed to spreading the insights and experience he has gained over the years. He is a believer in Lean and safety-focused practices that help make people’s lives better: contributors are happier because safety-focused practices remove a significant number of frustrations and pain-points, while stakeholders and customers are happier because better produc[...]

Karim Mohamed

Cairo, Egypt

Karim Mohamed is an Agile coach with Industrial Logic. Karim is committed to helping clients improve and become experts at testing, refactoring, evolutionary design, and taking tiny steps. He brings deep back-end development skills along with human dynamics abilities that enable him to help build high performance software teams.  His expertise in system architecture and design enable him to mento[...]

Wyatt Sutherland

Viroqua, Wisconsin - USA

Over the last eleven years Wyatt has provided a mix of managerial and technical experiences, coaching and leadership to senior management, managers, analysts, architects, developers, testers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, coaches and other Agile practitioners. He has led organizations through their transition to sustainable Agile and coached eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, Lean disciplines an[...]

Joel Tosi

Joel is an experienced, pragmatic coach with a background as a developer, manager, and architect across a variety of systems. He has a passion for coaching and helping teams and organizations simplify their world and increase their collaboration. Joel is an Agile advocate with experience in corporate transformation, coaching projects, coaching coaches, and teaching Agile practices across the deli[...]

David Hersey

New York City - USA

A strong team leader and Agile coach with a track record of assembling and managing multiple high performance teams to execute strategic business technology initiatives.[...]

Brian Foote

Urbana, Illinois - USA

Brian has been a Senior Instructor and Coach with Industrial Logic since 2006. He has been programming professionally since the mid-70s. Brian is a long-time member of the object-oriented and design patterns communities and was editor of Pattern Languages of Program Design, Volume 4.[...]

Steve Freeman

London - England

Steve Freeman, author of Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests (Addison-Wesley), was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK. He has developed software for a range of institutions, from small vendors to multinational investment banks. Steve trains and consults for software teams around the world. Previously, he has worked in research labs and software houses, earned a PhD (Ca[...]

Giovanni Asproni

London - England

Giovanni  is an Italian living in London. His career spans many roles – from programmer to senior architect, technical leader, coach, trainer and mentor – in a variety of application domains including CASE tools, telecommunications, bioinformatics, and banking. Despite all that, he is still a programmer at heart, with a taste for simple code and smart Italian suits. He is a regular conf[...]

Matthew Barcomb

Matt is passionate about building collaborative, cross-functional teams; enjoys being out-of-doors; loves punning; and thrives on guiding organizations towards sustainable, adaptive and systemic improvement. Matt started programming as a wee lad and eventually wound up getting paid for it. It took him nearly 10 years before he realized that the "people problem" was the biggest issue facing most bu[...]

Daniel Teng

Shanghai - China

Daniel Teng has 8 years of experience in practicing Agile and leading Agile teams. He is the only Certified Scrum Coach in China. Daniel is the founder of Irdeto Shanghai R&D team. His work includes helping companies from many industries such as telecom, ERP, CAD/CAM, education, health care and more in their Agile transition. Daniel is one of the main drivers of Agile community development.[...]

Ravindar Gujral

Ravi is Agile coach, facilitator, and community leader. He has a proven track record for improving and simplifying processes used for large complex software projects. He has worked at various organizations from Start Ups to large multinational corporations and Ravi understands what works for each environment. He incorporates the values, principles and practices of Agile and Lean software developme[...]

Jon Kern

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA

Jon is passionate about helping clients succeed in delivering business value through software. He works with teams to articulate, design, architect, and deliver software that solve challenging business problems. From analysis to helping provide solutions, mentoring teams, and all points in between, Jon routinely has significant impact on the projects he works on. Either working with the client’s[...]

Naresh Jain

Naresh is a startup founder, and a part-time Agile/Lean Coach/Consultant.[...]

Andy Palmer

London, United Kingdom

Andy Palmer Senior Consultant Andy has 16 years experience, 12 of which in Agile and Lean methods. He has experience across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, investment banking, retail, and media. Andy has co-lectured on agile methods for Oxford University’s post-graduate degree course and has extensive experience in company-wide agile transformations, agile coaching, process r[...]

Antony Marcano

London, United Kingdom

Antony has 20 years industry experience, 15 years of which, in agile and lean methods. His extensive experience includes company-wide agile transformations, agile coaching, process reengineering, and software development. His advice and coaching has contributed to his clients achieving up to 80% reductions in delivery cycle times. His unique breadth of experience means that he is as comfortable a[...]