Logic the Llama

IL Mascot

Prospect New Town, CO - USA

Logic is a renowned Product coach and leader, specializing in agile roadmap transformations for major industries worldwide.

Originally from Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, Logic spent his early 20’s working on Dave Matthews’ farm in Virginia, until the scene became too commercial. A fateful ride with a fellow Daveslave to Boulder, CO forever changed Logic’s life thanks to their friend, Steve, talking non-stop about a new idea called the Agile Manifesto. By the time they reached Pearl Street Mall, Logic knew their mission in life was to help spread the word to the newly-formed tech industry in Boulder and beyond.

Logic is passionate about creating valuable software products that customers will actually use! Naturally, Logic geeks out over customer feedback, A/B testing, Feature toggles and clean aesthetic and feels the world would be a better place if we could only end bad UX.

Logic the Llama is a co-founder/CEO of LABLS (Llamas Against Berserk Lllama Syndrome). *Disclaimer – Logic has never in any way or any time experienced symptoms of Berserk Llama Syndrome (BLS) and is tested on a semi-regular basis.

When Logic is not out there changing the world, they enjoy, hiking, paddleboarding, yoga and touring the countryside in their LL Bean Subaru with partner, Leslie.