Cecil Williams

Director of Training

Waukee, IA - USA

Cecil is an agile/technical coach, software craftsman and mentor/teacher who is passionate about sharing his knowledge on agile processes and software development engineering practices. Cecil holds masters degrees in business administration and information technology, along with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering.

Cecil started doing iterative development while helping a telecommunications company adjust to the industry deregulation over twenty years ago. He was a key member of the first agile project for a financial company that adopted Extreme Programming (XP). He was a technical lead on a project that was featured in Chapter 14 of Specification by Example - How Successful Teams Deliver the Right Software (2011, Manning). Cecil has been leading, mentoring and coaching teams in agile processes and software development engineering practices ever since.

Cecil also has several years of teaching experience as an adjunct instructor and tutor in Information Technology at Hamilton College, Kaplan University, and Purdue Global University.