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A Day in the Life of an Industrial Logic Developer
Micro-commits. Discovery trees. Remote ensemble development. Continuous demos. Those are just a few of the ways in which Industrial Logic programs software. In this session, you’ll get to learn directly from our developers how we code and collaborate to deliver better software.
recorded on
September 6th, 2023
Industrial Logic’s Engineering Practices
From advanced product management practices to cutting-edge development techniques, we will explain how Industrial Logic partners with clients to engineer world-class software products.
recorded on
September 8th, 2023
Remote Ensemble Development
How can you collaborate effectively when remote, while also managing the many risks associated with software development? One solution is remote ensemble development. Our practitioners will explain the tools and techniques of this approach, and answer your questions.
recorded on
September 13th, 2023
Better Product Management with Probabilistic Forecasting
What is probabilistic forecasting and how can it help you manage reality more gracefully? In this session, you’ll learn what this practice is, how to implement it, and how it can help you obtain greater predictability.
recorded on
September 15th, 2023

Technical Articles

By Tim Ottinger

TDD: Purposes and Practices

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is frequently misunderstood in ways that cause needless struggle, delay, and upset. Misunderstanding and misrepresentation have been painful enough that developers hav...
By Joshua Kerievsky

Benefits of Continuous Deployment

Is Continuous Deployment (CD) genuinely beneficial to organizations or just a technical geek obsession that doesn’t really provide value?
By Brett Schuchert

How long is too long for a build?

Synopsis Short builds enable responding to change, continuous code improvement, and keeping your customers happy. When the build slows beyond certain thresholds, there are predictable responses by ...