Anthony Sciamanna

Senior Consultant

Philadelphia, PA - USA

Anthony is a software developer, agile coach, and trainer with over twenty years of experience in the software industry. For the last decade he has focused on agile coaching as a technical lead, software development manager, engineering coach, and consultant. He is passionate about helping software organizations and their teams improve their ability to deliver value to customers, improve the quality of their code, and making work a joyful experience. He believes that the most successful agile software teams are small, cross-functional teams that collaborate closely with a continuous focus on technical excellence and quality.

In addition to his team-level coaching, Anthony has worked with and coached organizational leadership. He has helped structure agile teams around value delivery to enable them to be self-organizing and independent while eliminating or minimizing cross-team dependencies. He believes that successful agile organizations shift authority to the team to create truly empowered teams.

At eMoney Advisor, Anthony partnered with the CTO to create the first Extreme Programming (XP) team in the company. As agile spread throughout the company, his role shifted from a Technical Lead & Software Manager to an Engineering (Technical Agile) Coach. In this role, he coached a dozen teams on lean and technical practices. As an agile consultant at Slalom, he worked with clients to coach them on agile, lean, and technical practices that yielded measurable improvements to their product delivery.

As a trainer, he has created and delivered training and workshops across a variety of agile topics including Test-Driven Development, refactoring, legacy code rescue techniques, Mob Programming, Scrum, and Kanban.

Anthony is the founder and an organizer of the PhillyXP user group that focuses on topics such as Extreme Programming, Lean, technical excellence, and Modern Agile. He has given several talks at conferences, universities, and user groups. He often writes about agile software development on his blog and has had articles published in The Startup and the NDepend Better Code Book.

As a former musician and music instructor, Anthony remains passionate about music. He enjoys listening to his music collection and attending live music events. He is happy to talk about music with anyone interested. He spends as much time as he can with his family playing games (both video games and board games), running, hiking, and biking.

Anthony has a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University and lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife, son, and two cats.