Agile Reboot Workshop

Experience what it feels like to be on a high performance Agile team, aligning around a shared goal, eliminating distractions, delivering value and having full autonomy (self organization).

Many organizations would describe their Agile experience as less than ideal. Did you buy new tools, rename roles, and get certified without seeing any real improvements?

If that scenario sounds familiar, it's time to understand real agility, the ready ability to move with quick easy grace.

The Agile Reboot Workshop is a powerful 5-day experience that unlocks the secrets to high performance teams. During the workshop, participants join cross functional teams to deliver real and lasting value for their organization. Through this experience, participants learn the meaning of genuine agility, how to align a team to a meaningful goal, deliver value continuously while meeting deadlines, get feedback quickly from customers, and experiment and learn rapidly.
This workshop is suited to anyone in an organization who is interested in uncovering better ways of getting awesome results.

Participants should attend as complete teams, not as segregated roles.
Agile Reboot Workshop

Workshop Editions

Here is a typical 5-day agenda. We can customize this agenda to best meet your needs.
  • This Ain't Your Grandma’s Agile
  • Principles, Processes, Practices, and Results
  • Traditional vs. Agile/Lean thinking
  • Cargo Cults and Fake Agile
  • Lean Thinking and Software Development
  • Thin Slicing and Evolutionary Design
  • What If You Could Deliver Today?
  • What If It Was Easy?
  • When is a Team not a Team? (hint - usually)
  • Permission, Trust, and Safety
  • Self Directed Teams - You’re Doing it Wrong
  • Higher Performance, Tighter Tolerances, and Agreements
  • The Principles of Modern Agile
  • Demonstrating Results to Stakeholders and Senior Leadership
  • Project Closure and Deeper Learning
  • Digging Deeper
  • How can we Accelerate the Flow of Value to our Customers?
  • What do we Plan to Change Next Week?
  • How do we Apply this to Our Teams?
  • Workshop Wrap-up and Taking the Next Steps

What Will You Learn?


Increase Psychological Safety in Your Culture and Work


Discover How to Deliver Value Sooner


Understand What Agile Is and Isn't


Experience being on a high-performance, self-organizing Agile team


Experience aligning on a shared goal and limiting WIP


Present your results to the organization’s Senior Leadership.