red, green, and blue cards underneath an open box

We’re pleased to announce the world’s first deck of Extreme Programming Playing Cards. We created this 100-card deck to help people refine their understanding of Extreme Programming, improve the way they practice XP and have fun learning.

The deck consists of Problem, Solution, and Value cards, each of which has one letter on it:

  • P = Problem Card
  • S = Solution Card
  • V = Value Card

There’s also a Joker since every deck must have a Joker!

Explanations, XP War, Retrospective Roulette and Value Squares are educational games you can play with your deck of cards.

We’re working on new games all of the time and if you invent a game or give us valuable feedback on a game, we’d be happy to send you a gift, such as a deck of our Design Patterns Playing Cards.


Here’s a list of games you can play with your deck of Extreme Programming Playing Cards:

  • Explanations This game will challenge your knowledge of XP problems, solutions & values. The game is fun for both new and experienced XPers.
  • XP War This game, which is based on the old family card game War, is a fun way to learn about XP solutions and how some are more important than others. This is a fast-paced game that is fun for both new and experienced XPers.
  • Retrospective Roulette This game helps real XP teams assess how they are doing on their XP project. The game can be played during Iteration Retrospectives or during a final Project Retrospective.
  • Value Squares This game helps you learn how XP’s Values - Courage, Communication, Feedback and Simplicity - map to XP’s many practices.