Do you sometimes feel glad, sad, bad or mad during a Sprint? Do your emotions cover an array of feelings from Sprint-to-Sprint? If so, SprintMojis are for you!

Hand-crafted from real-world, Sprint experiences, SprintMojis help you communicate just how you feel before, during or after a Sprint!

Let’s explore some uses.

Are you happy and optimistic at the start of your Sprint?

custom love eyes emoji

Did you get a bunch of unplanned work mid-Sprint?

custom rolling eyes emoji

Did you abandon all good practices and perform all sorts of nastiness just to finish everything at the end of the Sprint?

custom scared emoji

SprintMojis are the perfect visualization for all of your Sprint feelings!

Use them in retrospectives, use them in stand up meetings, use them in chat tools or even on niko-niko boards.

table of people's emotions using emojis

SprintMoji Niko-Niko Board

WARNING: Sprintmojis are not recommended for those who have studied Lean and abandoned Sprints (or fixed-length Iterations) in favor of pull-based systems, flow and kanban.

Okay, so without further ado, here are your full set of Sprintmojis (with a download link below)! Special thanks to Julius Jervoso for the illustrations!

customized agile emojis

Want the full set of SprintMojis images? Simply click here for the archive.