When I founded Industrial Logic in 1996, we offered software development services.

Our first major gig was programming an interactive version of MTV.com.

Back then, Java had just been added to popular internet browsers, and we leveraged it to produce a unique user experience:

MTV Online 1996

The Java version of MTV.com was used by millions of people worldwide and won an Award from PC Magazine.

We followed that up with more programming jobs, including an eCommerce survey tool for an IBM website.

While we enjoyed those initiatives, the bigger gap we noticed in the software industry was a lack of quality software development practices.

It was time for a pivot.

By 1997, Industrial Logic began offering in-depth training and hands-on coaching in valuable, risk-reducing software design and development practices.

Since then, we’ve helped thousands of people around the globe learn to craft better software sooner.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and I made the choice to add engineering back into our offerings.

Why did I do that?

Quality and Quickness

Industrial Logic’s clients include some of the most well-known brands in the world.

These brands want happy users, and that requires offering high quality software experiences.

The trouble is, fewer and fewer developers know how to engineer quality software.

Delays and defects rule the day.

Programmers learn languages, but don’t learn simple design, domain-driven design, refactoring, test-driven development, trunk-based development, collaborative programming and other practices that lead to high quality, low-to-no-defect, software.

Software teams tolerate too much waste, leading to lengthy delays in delivering value.

Industrial Logic was asked by several of our clients for help and we decided it was time to add engineering services back into our offerings.

Our Engineers

Industrial Logic’s global community consists of deeply experienced software crafters.

Many of these crafters now help to provide our engineering services.

We’ve also hired veteran developers, all of whom have extensive experience with principles of agility, good software design, eXtreme Programming, DevSecOps, as well as modern platforms, frameworks and tools.

Finally, we’ve invested heavily in growing our own engineers.

Since we have decades of experience training developers, we decided to create the Industrial Logic Academy to educate our own promising engineers.

Programmers in our Academy are hired as employees, and join a 3-4 month program to learn development and collaboration skills from our deeply experienced practitioners.

Using this approach, we’ve grown engineers with above average programming skills, and we’ve helped these engineers mature by giving them opportunities to program alongside some of our most talented, veteran practitioners.

The Academy has proven to be so effective that it’s become a service we provide to our customers.

Modern Development Services

Today, Industrial Logic’s engineering services are helping automotive, finance, fast food, healthcare, and legal companies produce better software sooner.

Many of these software products support millions of users.

Recent initiatives include:

  • Rewriting a large-scale, mass-market iOS application in React Native.
  • Iteratively upgrading a legacy website with modern design and better UX.
  • Rewriting a legacy, slow-to-release “monolith” system into a collection of microservices with continuous deployment.
  • Building a startup’s AI-backed website from scratch, using AWS and React.

What Sets Us Apart?

While there are many companies that provide software development services, here’s what sets us apart:

  • We love this work: This isn’t a job for us. We love to understand business goals, collaborate on tradeoffs, and craft high-quality, low-defect, easy-to-change, inexpensive-to-maintain software.
  • We’re agile: Being quick, resourceful and adaptable permeates our methods and enables us to gracefully respond to changing needs, conditions and challenges. We love to work in small batches, limit work-in-process, remove waste, and discover ways to deliver better software sooner.
  • We manage risks: Whether you’re facing a tough competitive landscape, dealing with a challenging legacy codebase, or struggling with a new, innovative product, we help you identify and manage risks early and often.
  • We improve continuously: We have a sensitive nose for inefficiencies and overly-complicated processes. If something isn’t working well, we improve it. Our methods continuously improve because we are devoted to experimenting and learning rapidly.

  • We’re global: Our global team of engineers have deep lean, agile and design skills, program in many languages, have experience using many platforms and tools, and love delivering outstanding results.

If you’d like to learn more about our engineering services, or have any questions, consider scheduling a chat with us.