Refactoring to Patterns Ten Year Anniversary Sale

Posted September 18, 2014 by Joshua Kerievsky

It's been ten years since my book, Refactoring to Patterns, was published and twenty years since the gang-of-four released their classic, Design Patterns.

I was thrilled when Refactoring to Patterns won a 2004 Jolt Cola award and delighted to see the book translated into seven languages.


Since the publication, I've co-authored a series of in-depth, skill-building eLearning albums on Refactoring, Design Patterns and Refactoring to Patterns, all of which are available in Java, C++ and C#.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Refactoring to Patterns, my colleagues and I are pleased to offer a 50% discount on our 6-album Design Patterns Box Set and our 3-album Design Patterns Trilogy:
dpw_big designPatternsBoxSet_big

These albums capture what I've learned since writing the book, based on working with real code in shipping software products. You won't find a better way to learn these important skills, and you'll have access to Q+A with myself and other refactoring and patterns experts.

To buy either of these box sets at the 50% discount in our Agile eLearning Shop, please use discount code: RTP10YEARS. This special price is available to individual purchasers and is good through October 15, 2014