It’s been ten years since my book, Refactoring to Patterns, was published and twenty years since the gang-of-four released their classic, Design Patterns.

I was thrilled when Refactoring to Patterns won a 2004 Jolt Cola award and delighted to see the book translated into seven languages.


Since the publication, I’ve co-authored a series of in-depth, skill-building eLearning albums on Refactoring, Design Patterns and Refactoring to Patterns, all of which are available in Java, C++ and C#.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Refactoring to Patterns, my colleagues and I are pleased to offer a 50% discount on our 6-album Design Patterns Box Set and our 3-album Design Patterns Trilogy:

These albums capture what I’ve learned since writing the book, based on working with real code in shipping software products. You won’t find a better way to learn these important skills, and you’ll have access to Q+A with myself and other refactoring and patterns experts.

To buy either of these box sets at the 50% discount in our Agile eLearning Shop, please use discount code: RTP10YEARS. This special price is available to individual purchasers and is good through October 15, 2014