Patterns Cocktail is a goofy game that groups can play to help review what they know about Patterns and Pattern Combinations.

The game was created by Joshua Kerievsky, who was inspired by a game called Company Picnic.

We’d love to hear about your experiences playing this game.

Rules Of Play

Each player is given a card from our deck of Design Patterns Playing Cards.

Without looking at their card, each player places the card on their forehead (see images on your right).

Players then mingle for a few minutes, as they would at a cocktail party.

Each player is trying to discover what Pattern they are holding.

To help players figure out what Pattern they are holding, players give each other subtle clues.

At the end of the mingling period, players are asked to get into groups that would represent classic pattern combinations.

When everyone is in a group, each player gets a chance to see what card they were actually holding.

Pictures taken at Sun Microsystems, August 2000.

A Group Plays Patterns Cocktail

Hmmmmm, who am I?

Laughing During Play