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Today I am pleased to announce our partnership with JetBrains, world’s leading creator of professional software development tools.

Our commitment to producing cutting edge Agile development training fits perfectly with the innovative products produced by the JetBrains team.

For years, we’ve been enormous fans and users of JetBrains tools like IntelliJ and ReSharper.

We were recently creating some Agile training for Flex and ActionScript and were amazed and happy to discover that IntelliJ featured powerful support for running FlexUnit tests and performing non-trivial automated refactorings.

Such tools have made practices like Test-Driven Development, Automated Refactoring, and Continuous Integration efficient and enjoyable.

So it was not difficult to decide which tools to integrate with when we set out to produce Agile eLearning that could automatically critique programming performances and help developers around the globe gain critical Agile development skills.

We are very pleased to announce this partnership and look forward to providing you with the very best training and tools for Agile software development.