eCoaching: A new kind of coaching service

Posted March 28, 2013 by Curtis Cooley



eCoaching is a new way to deliver best in class lean and agile coaching.

A way for companies to access world class agile coaches in smaller and timelier chunks.

eCoaching provides access to the same great expertise as full time onsite coaching, but uses technology instead of air travel.

  • You meet with the coach via video conferencing.
  • The coach trains the team via webinar tools.
  • Developers pair with the coach via screen sharing software.

Teams also have the option to access coaches via discussion forums or chat rooms. Posting questions and getting responses from experts.

ecoaching discussion example
Sample discussion


More than just lower cost of entry:

  • Short Coaching Sessions

    Short coaching sessions and more time between sessions allow time to digest the content.

    Practicing on your own without the coach aids absorption and enables you to find topics to discuss at the next session

  • Fine tune the engagement
  • The coaching sessions become like iterations with you and the coach fine tuning the engagement.

  • Change at your pace
  • By scheduling sessions around your needs, you can match the rate of training to the rate you can absorb it.

    You control the rate of your adoption since you don't have to squeeze every ounce of knowledge from a full time coach.

How is it delivered?

eCoaching can be combined with an onsite engagement or delivered on its own.

Meet with the coach in person then engage remotely or engage remotely from the beginning.

Schedule group sessions for training, one on one or pair coaching sessions, or video conference for live help.

The key is to tailor the coaching engagement to your needs, time and budget.