Shawn Button

Senior Consultant - Industrial Logic Canada

Guelph, ON - Canada

Shawn is a passionate Agile/Lean Coach, with the proven ability to help individuals, teams, and enterprises adopt better ways of working. He believes that any team can do great things, given the right leadership, mentorship, support, and a system in which they can shine. His passion is helping teams find their full potential while helping to transform the system they are working in.

Shawn was bit by the software bug in his early teens; he wrote programs longhand on paper before he had access to a computer to actually run them. Since then he has racked up over three decades of software development experience, in environments ranging from small startups to huge enterprises, in roles such as developer, team lead, architect, and VP of IT.

Shawn has been coaching and training Agile and Lean since the mid-2000s. His clients include major banks, insurance companies, and telcos, as well as many medium and small companies. He has coached at the individual, team, and enterprise levels.

Shawn is a skilled developer, with a strong devotion to software craftsmanship. He has deep experience in architecture and design, and extensive experience with DevOps principles, practices, and tools.

Shawn speaks frequently at local and international conferences. He co-founded the Toronto Spark the Change conference to spread Agile to realms outside of software development.

Shawn lives in Guelph, Canada. You can often find him outdoors walking his dog, or sailing on Lake Ontario.