Rob MacGregor

Senior Consultant - Industrial Logic Canada

Toronto, ON - Canada

Rob is an iconoclastic expolorer who specializes achieving business objectives through adaptation. His approach combines agile mindset and practices with innovative engineering and self-managed teams.

At EPAM, Rob led EPAM’s Agile Competency Center setting the vision and standards for agile coaching within EPAM. He scaled EPAm’s agile coaching as EPAM grew from 16,000 people to 30,000 people globally.

Rob worked with clients from diverse industries like banking, meat-packing and truck rental. Rob believes people get better results when they collaborate and work as teams rather than a colection of individuals. He works with team members to acknowledge thier strengths and achievements and then coach team members to bridge to their desired future.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from Keele University and a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from Essex University.

Rob participates in local agile communities and presents at Agile Ontario events. He also leads the open source project, Agility Elements, which helps people understand and apply agile practices.

Rob lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son. He enjoys being by the water, sailing and boating. A competitor at heart; Rob trains, and occasionally races, in triathlons. He is always on the search for the perfect espresso.