Merlijn Tishauser

Senior Consultant

Amsterdam, NH - The Netherlands

Merlijn Tishauser is an experienced coach, technical lead, and development manager. He has helped companies such as Royal Flora Holland, NN Insurance company, Cofidis bank in Lisbon, Portugal and credit card companies like ICS (subsidiary of ABN-AMRO).

Merlijn enjoys helping organizations improve engineering culture, adopt high-quality engineering practices and increase the throughput of value to customers. He has a great deal of experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Merlijn has a passion for both quality and simplicity that has shaped his career, guiding him through developer, management and consultant roles. He enjoys helping people practicing agile, lean and XP techniques.

Living in The Netherlands with his wife and two kids, Merlijn really enjoys living close to a major (at least for Dutch standards) city, Amsterdam. Close enough to experience an urban life, while living in a small village. He loves cycling (both on his racing and mountain bikes, as well as indoors using Zwift) and being outdoors.