Brett Schuchert

Senior Consultant

Brett has 25+ years of teaching and consulting experience. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 firms across a number of industries and countries to train, mentor, and coach developers and non-developers in Agile/Lean methodologies. Brett has led several Agile in the Large Transitions (> 100 people) and Agile/XP Immersions for both online and traditional businesses spanning industries from oil/gas to insurance to rental car providers. His Agile coaching style is immersive and delivers tangible results in areas from automated tests and architectural assessment to the honing of technical skills such as Test Driven Development. Brett has assisted teams in the introduction of Scrum practices, identification of and elimination of bottlenecks in their overall software development process, the creation of a preliminary backlog for new work, and estimation on delivery possibility versus promises. Specifically, Brett worked with a large utility company’s Program Management Organization to introduce the Top-Down UP unified process across the organization, including selecting UP disciplines to introduce first, selecting tools in support of those disciplines, developing local policies relevant to the organization, and creating and delivering training and mentoring in the adoption of the unified process. Brett is a favorite trainer and has developed and taught scores of workshops including Test Driven Development & Refactoring classes in multiple languages (C++, Java, C#,, Working Effectively with Legacy Classes, Patterns, Practices and Principles of OOD and Agile Immersions (with Robert Martin). Brett developed and offered an 8-week boot camp on agile software development from Java to Requirements. He also developed and taught new course on Agile Requirements Exploration using User Stories course, where attendees spend 70% of their class time working through experientially based exercises to develop user stories to understand the differences between more traditional "Requirements Management" and requirements exploration. Brett was a presenter at last year’s Scandinavian Developer Conference on Seeing the World Through You-Colored Glasses: The Dependency Inversion Principle in Action. He has delivered talks at Agile Testing Days, and the Norwegian Developers Conference. Brett has published technical articles on Automated Acceptance Testing with FitNesse, TDD/BDD, Aspect Oriented Programming with Aspect J, JPA and EJP 3, and testing concurrent applications. He contributed chapters on concurrent programming and testing concurrent programs to Clean Code, authored the second half of book on algorithms in the STL published by Prentice Hall, and wrote Introduction to Microcomputers, a manual containing tutorials and reference materials for the use of word processors, relational databases, and spreadsheets. Brett received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Iowa and maintains his edge through ongoing attendance at various leadership and development programs, including Weinberg and Satir. Brett lives with his family in Oklahoma City, OK.