Lean Startup is a disciplined, scientific and capital efficient method for discovering and building products and services that people love.

It rocks.

It rocks far more than Agile.

Here’s a table to illustrate some differences (sorry for not defining each term, I’ll leave that as an exercise for you):

Agile Lean Startup
Product Roadmap Business Model Canvas
Product Vision Product Market Fit
Release Plan Minimal Viable Product
Sprint Kanban
Sprint Review Pivot or Persevere Decision
On-Site Customer "Get Out Of The Building"
User Story Hypothesis
Backlog "To Learn" List
Definition of Done Validated Learning
Red-Green-Refactor Build-Measure-Learn
Customer Feedback Customer Validation
Acceptance Test Split Test
Velocity AARRR
Mock Object Feature Fake
Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment
Certified Scrum Master Customer Success Manager

Lean Startup makes the best parts of Agile more lean and combines them with the brilliant Customer Development process.

I suggest that you start learning about Lean Startup right away and go buy Eric’s book.