eLearning Hardware Migration

Built by developers for developers, our eLearning enables you to thoroughly improve your software skills.

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eLearning Hardware Migration In Progress

Industrial Logic has been practicing Continuous Deployment for years. Heck, we even have an eLearning album on it!

However, sometimes you have to update the hardware, which cannot be done without a bit of downtime.

We expect to have the eLearning system back online
by 1 PM Central Time on November 15, 2023.

"Industrial Logic eLearning has reached over 30 Google offices worldwide, which makes it one of the most successful and scalable trainings in engEDU." Amanda Ball, eLearning Program Manager

Training Options

We offer a variety of training options because people learn differently:

Our self-directed option is perfect for individuals who are comfortable learning solo via our interactive quizzes, challenging exercises, engaging videos, and vibrant Q+A forum.

Our guided learning option is best for groups of people who benefit from regular lessons and review from a live, online instructor, along with eLearning content to help acquire critical skills.

Our enterprise option is perfect for larger organizations that want to scale training via our customized eLearning catalog, rollout strategies, usage reports, and bulk pricing.

"I've done all the intros, full Code Smells and am now on page 74 of Microtesting, and I have to say: WOW! This is how I expect an eLearning course to be. Excellent job!" DClemens Katzer, Nokia-Siemens Networks

Visualizing Your Work

Our TDD and Refactoring critiques visualize your programming performances, showing you what states you were in (failing tests, passing tests, etc.), refactorings you implemented, compilation errors you received, and the duration of your performances.

Track Your Performance

How You Scored

Get scores on your performances, with detailed feedback about what you got right and insights about what you could improve.

Access To Experts

Let us answer your questions. Use our Question + Answer forum to get answers from our deeply experienced practitioners. They respond promptly and are always happy to help.

Access to Experts

"The online courses on TDD & Microtesting and on-site consulting from IL have been invaluable. Real-world examples with multimedia and a very knowledgeable trainer gave us confidence to completely shift our paradigm. We adopted most of the principles and have seen enormous benefit." William Stewart, Software Engineer


Study charts of your performances and see your skills improve.

Ask your questions to technical experts and get prompt responses.

Learn how to microtest, refactor, and test-drive your code like an expert.

Recognize poor designs in code and improve them safely.