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We've coached hundreds of project communities in successful transitions to eXtreme Programming, Kanban, Lean and Agile.

How it Works

You can produce better products, delight customers and have happier employees!

You know transitioning to a new process isn't easy. Imagine how much easier it will be with remote access to our experts. Each one of our coaches has decades of software development knowledge, and coaching experience, and is available remotely at your convenience.

Remote coaching differs from onsite coaching in that all interactions with the coach are handled via online technology like Skype or Webex. Meetings are held via video conferences and training can be conducted with webinar tools.

We can address your team's unique challenges and context by using our depth of experience with Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Lean, and Kanban, as well as technical practices like Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Continuous Integration and a wide range of technologies, languages, cultures, and domains.

The coach can remotely pair with one or many team members, assign homework or exercises to build and reinforce skills and habits, observe regular ceremonies to improve upon and streamline them, and provide resources and references for you and the team to research and learn more about transitioning to agile, lean, or kanban.

We work effectively with executives, management, product development, architects, testers, developers, user experience designers, and the many other people who help to produce software within your organization to create a sustainable lean/agile culture.

Our coaches can assess your needs, help define or tune a process, roll out an implementation and mentor your staff to replace us. Our success will be measured through qualitative observations of the benefits you get from our coaching service.

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  • One Free Hour - No Obligation ?
  • One-on-one Remote Coaching Sessions ?
  • 5 hours of Remote Coaching


  • One-on-one Remote Coaching Sessions ?
  • Remote Team Training Sessions ?
  • Remote Pairing ?
  • 10 hours of Remote Coaching


  • One-on-one Remote Coaching Sessions ?
  • Remote Team Training Sessions ?
  • Remote Pairing ?
  • Coach the Coaches ?
  • Onsite Kickoff ?
  • 20+ hours of Remote Coaching

We judge our coaching engagements by whether we helped engender a culture of continuous improvement.

I was extremely satisfied with Industrial Logic's remote coaching! One of the biggest benefits for me was having safety and tranquility by being able to exchange ideas and information with someone that had more experience and had been through various situations that I'm facing day-to-day. Not only could I validate my ideas but also obtain new ways of seeing and solving certain situations. After each session I walked away with clear action items, that I implemented in a natural manner, but at the same time forcing myself to be committed because of our next session. Leonardo Andreucci, 2013 eCoaching participant, Apontador
Rarely have I met trainers who are truly hands-on. The depth of knowledge and onfield experience of Industrial Logic's instructors is truly inspiring. Their proficiency in agile techniques and TDD is bleeding edge. We have benefitted immensely in barely three days of TDD training with them. We wish they were on our team here in EMC2. Vimal Kumar, Principal Software Engineer, EMC2

The Industrial Logic team actually does what most other providers only claim to do - provide instructionally sound training and coaching solutions that fundamentally change and improve the performance of our teams. Susan Stocker, Director, Training & Development, GE Software – Advanced Solutions

The key moment for us was experiencing emergent design first-hand via rapid integration and testing. We also appreciated that the coach could communicate and was also very technically experienced – rare combination! Bill Rayburn, Cisco Systems

I shudder to think what would have happened if we had not engaged your coaches. Christopher Duro, Senior Manager, Test Consulting, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Industrial Logic has been instrumental in helping me roll out Agile in IronKey. Even though we had agile/scrum overview training, CSPO training and executive training prior to Industrial Logic getting involved, the key is to also rollout various technical agile disciplines across engineering so that the organization can reap more agile benefits. I could not have done it all by myself, and I am very appreciative of the help IL gave us. Mun-Wai Chung, Director of Program Management – Ironkey, Inc.

Industrial Logic did a great job for us. We used them for teaching courses, for coaching, and for coaching workshops for our internal coaches. We were impressed with a quality outcome on each of these engagements. Besides professional delivery, I was impressed with the quality of their relationship management and willingness to spend time brainstorming solutions to plant agile in the rocky soil of my big company. Software Manager, Big-Pharma Company

One Free Hour - No Obligation

Not sure if remote coaching is right for you? Ask us about a free hour to try it out. You'll meet remotely with an Industrial Logic coach to talk about the issues, and solutions, you need most.

One-On-One Remote Coaching

Meet remotely with an Industrial Logic coach to talk about your most urgent issues. Your coach will provide actions to take to help solve these issues.

Remote Team Training Sessions

Your Industrial Logic coach will gather the team for a hour or so for a remote training session. While these sessions cannot replace our workshops or eLearning, they can help the team improve a specific skill or ability.

Remote Pairing

Sometimes the best way to improve a skill is to see it practiced in real production code. Your Industrial Logic coach will pair one-on-one or with a small group. These short pairing sessions combine learning and practicing with improving problem code.

Remote Pairing

We know we did a good job when your teams don’t need us anymore. By helping some of your key staff acquire coaching skills we help you become self-reliant. We find people in your organization who have the skill and temperament to become internal coaches, and then mentor them to help scale your Agile / Lean adoption.

Onsite Kickoff

A larger transition may require an onsite kickoff. Meet the coach face-to-face and work together to create goals for the engagement. Depending on the length of the transition, additional onsite meetings can be scheduled to assess progress and adapt the program.

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Our coaches can assess your needs, help define or tune a process, roll out an implementation and mentor your staff to replace us.

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