Wouter Lagerweij

Senior Consultant

Heemstede, NH - The Netherlands

Wouter is an Agile and DevOps Coach, developer, trainer and speaker. Over twenty years ago, he started out his career in what would become one of The Netherlands’ first Extreme Programming teams. He loves spending time with teams and organisations, from small startups to large enterprises, to figure out how to improve the way they make software, and make it more fun.

Wouter strongly believes in a holistic approach, combining technical coaching with executive guidance. In the last five years, he’s coached the OKR processes, testing strategies, product rebuilds, organisational restructurings, cloud migrations, compliance audits, product planning and growth hacking. In all those situations, he has combined that with teaching the extreme programming and continuous delivery practices to teams of developers and operations engineers. He has helped companies such as ING Insurance, BMW, Persgroep and Tide.co to achieve continuous delivery, real alignment between product and engineering, and relaxed and productive work environments.

As a trainer, he has taught developers and product owners in all the day-to-day practices needed to deliver software, with a focus on teaching how the practices combine and reinforce each other. Wouter is a frequent speaker at agile and testing conferences world-wide.

Wouter lives in The Netherlands, with his wife, twin daughters, son, two dogs and (at the last count) four cats. He’s enjoyed being left behind in piano and guitar skills by his kids.

Wouter Lagerweij