Skylar Watson

Senior Consultant

Des Moines, IA - USA

Skylar is a software consultant and agile coach who implements high-value software to satisfy customers needs. Skylar works with companies both domestically and internationally assisting in adopting agile software practices. As a coach, Skylar works with both leadership and developers to assure the organization that their business outcomes are driving the transformation.

Skylar has worked as an agile coach in a wide range of industries including financial services, insurance, social media, agriculture, and manufacturing. In these experiences, he has helped organizations detangle their large, unwieldy projects into manageable micro-services, develop cloud storage technologies to ensure data integrity for consumers, and write customer-facing mobile applications.

Skylar has an appreciation for helping others grow: an enjoyment that has taken shape through coaching and speaking. His speaking engagements include Iowa Code Camp, Agile & Beyond, and Agile Alliance conferences.

He lives in a small town near Des Moines, IA with his lovely wife. During their free time, Skylar and his family travel the world together, experiencing new and exciting cultures. While at home he enjoys hosting BBQ’s for family and friends while having a craft beer that he passionately brewed.