Ravindra Jaju

Senior Consultant

Pune, Maharashtra - India

Jaju is an avid hands-on technical XP coach and speaker with a broad expertise in the areas of system architecture, data mining, networking, business & advertising and start-up ventures. He enjoys the mix of teaching and learning that coaching offers. He is highly motivated by technical challenges and by interacting with people, understanding their situation and helping them improve.

With over 15 years of experience, Jaju is driven by leveraging in-depth analytical skills and creativity to create better information analysis, management and retrieval systems. His career includes working with start-ups and a large consulting company, all with a focus on minimizing waste, amplifying code safety and reducing code complexity. He appreciates the safe guiderails that Agile, XP and Lean principles bring to organizations.

Jaju loves building things, be it infrastrucures and networks, or awesome teams. His diverse technical career includes working with GNU/Linux systems, developing SEM management tools to work seamlessly with three major ad-networks, and working on numerous projects involving Java, Rails, C/C++, Spring, JBoss, Lucene, Solr and Jenkins.

Jaju received his Bachelors and Masters of Technology from the India Institute of Technology in Bombay. In 2001, Jaju and his EnTell team were awarded 3rd Prize (out of 400) in a business competition conducted by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay.

Jaju lives in Pune, India. He loves listening to music, preferably on a brisk walk when the weather is cool and the roads are deserted.