Nayan Hajartwala

Senior Consultant

Ypsilanti, MI - USA

Nayan is a Lean/Agile Coach with over 15 years of hands-on experience delivering software. He has significant programming experience and is a deep technologist always exploring new languages and ideas. His specialties include training software teams to increase their productivity and decrease their time-to-market while improving the quality of their product.

Nayan is on the Board of Directors for Michigan’s Agile & Beyond conference, and has been involved in the organizing committees for the Agile Alliance conferences. He is also a speaker at many user groups and conferences internationally.

He is one of the founders of CodeRetreat, designed to increase the skill level of developers through techniques such as Test DrivenDevelopment, Pair Programming, and Simple Design.

Nayan graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Computer Science. He lives in the Detroit area with his family, where he raises chickens and ducks.