Muneeb Ali

Senior Consultant

Dallas, TX - USA

Muneeb has worked with software development teams for over a decade, developing and delivering highly scalable products from inception to customer realization. For the last few years he has coached software development teams to build great products.

Muneeb specializes in Lean and Agile change management. He uses a data-driven, systems thinking approach to helping organizations optimize product development planning, workflow, delivery and improve strategic alignment and execution. He has helped teams adopt DevOps culture by automating infrastructure for continuous delivery as well as coached teams through their cloud adoption journey.

He has experience in both small startup environments as well as large enterprises, coaching both leadership and development teams to adopt Lean and Agile mindset complimented with XP (Extreme Programming) Practices. During his career he has worked in range of industries including financial services, airline, healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Muneeb is a strong proponent of a Lean Startup mindset and he feels there is no better way to learn product ownership than building your own product. Owning his own startup helped him develop Lean software development skills with a strong focus on visualizing flow, eliminating waste and building feedback loops.

Muneeb lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and children. Muneeb is extremely passionate about improving people’s lives through technology education, especially in developing countries. In his spare time, he runs an offshore software development house for underprivileged students in his hometown in Pakistan and he is extremely proud of their achievements.