Mike Hill

Senior Coach

Michael is an acknowledged world leader in programming, coaching, writing and teaching Agile and Lean software production. His quirky wit and passionate style enable him to quickly connect with his teams and to contribute from day one of an assignment.

With over 25 years of experience as a professional geek, Mike brings deep expertise in technical matters, and is comfortable and proficient in all the major programming environments. He's worked with software teams in every domain of development, from database-to-web all the way to real-time DSP. He has coached or taught at dozens of well-known companies around the world, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Philips, Nokia, and Google.

Mike writes and speaks on many topics in the Agile arena. He is one of the primary authors of Industrial Logic's eLearning series on Microtesting and TDD. He founded the Lonely Coaches Sodality, the major support e-list for agile coaches. He has given invited talks at both of the major Agile conferences (Agile Universe and the European XP Conference) many times over. He is currently hard at work on a book "Helping Geeks Produce: How to Coach Software Excellence."