Julius Jervoso

Marketing Specialist

Berkeley, CA - USA

Julius has over 15 years of experience as a freelance graphics artist and sales consultant. He has designed company logos and branding, created original artwork for online and print campaigns, and served as a creative advisor to clients.

Julius comes from an artistic family where he is always encouraged to focus on his art. From an early age, he honed his talent through summer programs and eventually college where he attended the Art Institute for Game Art & Design. Julius’ work includes a movie cover, theater posters, and company logos. His inspiration comes from nostalgic 80’s & 90’s pop culture, comic books, and an eclectic collection of music.

Since joining Industrial Logic, Julius has produced many illustrations and graphics that can be can be seen on our website, user stories used by the coaches, and throughout our social media channels. Julius’ design expertise has helped shape the look and feel of Industrial Logic’s content.

Julius graduated from the Art Institute of Los Angeles in Santa Monica and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his spare time, Julius designs new art for his online shop and plays video games. He also enjoys cooking with his wife and taking their dogs on play dates with other fur parents.