Jenny Tarwater

Senior Consultant

Kansas City, MO - USA

Jenny has over 25 years of corporate experience bringing business teams, technical teams and stakeholders together to reliably deliver large-scale development projects. She takes a disciplined approach of cultivating success and growth in people, process and products. Jenny has a passion for facilitating the adoption and understanding of Agile values, principles and practices, and her endless motivation drives her involvement in cultivating the small company start up culture across organizations large and small.

Jenny first began working with software teams in 1995, which forever shaped her view of what is possible with an inspired group of individuals. Although the term “agile” wasn’t used yet, she worked with small teams that decided on daily experiments during the morning meeting and completed daily deployments to one of the internet’s most popular websites.

Jenny took a detour to work on large scale enterprise projects at Sprint Nextel using traditional SDLC PMP methods. She was always given the urgent projects due to her ability to exceed scope, schedule, cost expectations,and because of her focus on Individuals and Interactions over Process. Jenny led the transformation into an agile organization within the Sprint’s Product Development group, which led to her becoming a full-time agile coach. Jenny has since worked with teams in many Fortune 100 companies in industries including pharmaceutical, banking, transportation, and telecommunications.

Jenny is the Director of Launching New Voices for Women in Agile and she organizes several conferences such as Women in Agile, Lean Agile KC, and Agile2020, as well as speaking at many international Agile conferences. Jenny lives with her family in Kansas City, MO.

Jenny Tarwater