Greg Orton

Senior Consultant

Des Moines, IA - USA

After being introduced to Extreme Programming (XP) over 15 years ago, Greg has honed his skills developing with Test Driven Development, Pairing and Agile software development methodologies. Greg has a passion for focusing on the value and creating products that will delight the customer. He uses the techniques he has learned to help teams learn to build the right things in ways that are sustainable and adaptable.

Since graduating from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Greg has been delivering quality software solutions in a variety of industries. While helping modernize agricultural equipment factory programming workstation management, he greatly reduced the time to install or update each machine. He created construction equipment on board software for planning jobs and a companion mobile application. Greg also worked on solutions to support loan origination and servicing for private institutions and the federal government.

Greg lives in the Des Moines, IA area with his wife and three children. The family enjoys travelling together and most of his free time is spent driving his children to their activities and cheering them on. Now that they’re nearing the age where they can drive themselves, he hopes to find more time diving into hobbies like pop culture books and movies or becoming a motorcycle enthusiast.

Greg Orton