Doc Norton

Senior Consultant

Erie, PA - USA

Doc is a coach, mentor, advocate, and facilitator with over 25 years of experience in the creation of software. He is adept at working with teams to improve their processes from inception to delivery, with a special focus on engineering practices and team dynamics. He delivers business value with an agile approach and a focus on craftsmanship.

Doc’s speciality is working with companies on their Organizational Agility, where we use systems thinking and organizational psychology to transform the entire organization; not just the technical teams. This involves agile philosophies, methodologies and tools being applied across the entire organization to support the ultimate success of the business. Doc provides agile, lean, and executive coaching to organizations with a focus on creating high-functioning, highly collaborative environments.

While a Director of Engineering and Director of Engineering Culture at Groupon, Doc was responsible for all aspects of Groupon’s personalization; user interactions, success metrics, and data analysis. He cultivated a culture of excellence and collaboration through teamwork, empathy, and mutual respect. More than anything else, his role was to strengthen the bonds between people, teams, and offices to effect a cohesive, committed, and exuberant team of software engineers dedicated to excellence.

Doc Norton