Chris O'Connor

Senior Consultant

Ann Arbor, MI - USA

Chris is a veteran Agile Coach and Craftsman focused on helping companies consistently deliver value with the goal of bringing happiness to their customers and creating awesome environments for their people.

Chris started his journey to embracing Agile philosophies and methods twenty years ago while working at a video game development shop. The pain he ran into brought him to a company where he worked with colleagues of the original Chrysler C3 project where Extreme Programming (XP) was born. XP immediately spoke to many of the pain points he saw in the industry.

Building on the energy from that project, he has sought out organizations which hold these types of values dearly. This led him to become a pioneer applying XP at Menlo Innovations as they grew into an organization focused on bringing joy to both their clients and employees with great results. Since then he has worked with a variety of companies that range from the publishing and financial industries to DNA matching and the automotive industry. The two decades spent working in these areas are where he evolved and refined his understanding and abilities with agile methodologies. This range allows him to apply what he has learned in many areas.

He has spoken at local, regional, and national conferences. Including the Agile Alliance and OOPSLA where he chaired a track. He has also helped out many regional conferences to build the greater development community, which has provided the opportunity to collaborate with many world-class people.

Chris graduated from Michigan Technological University with a degree in Computer Science. He loves games and lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Chris O'Connor