Charlotte Chang

Senior Product Consultant

Columbus, OH - USA

Charlotte has over 15 years experience in product definition, design and delivery, helping teams and organizations achieve value-driven products, outcome-driven goals, and collaboration-driven solutions – the benefits of modern business agility.

Equipped with a background in Marketing, Charlotte started her IT career in a more traditional software delivery environment, where she learned the value of why getting fast feedback and understanding users matters! Since then she has leveraged the ‘make users awesome’ philosophy in her experience balancing passion and pragmatism, ultimately focusing teams on designing and creating products that deliver value sooner.

Charlotte has worked with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 50, both in the US and Australia, providing a mix of agile team delivery and coaching experiences. She has a decade of direct agile delivery experience as a product designer and UX, business analyst, developer, tester, and iteration manager. Charlotte has provided hands-on coaching to management, product managers/owners, analysts, architects, developers, testers, designers, Scrum masters, and other Agile practitioners. She has assisted numerous organizations on their Agile Transformation journey such as Bloomberg Government, Moen, Lonely Planet, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts, GE Money, L.L. Bean, and others as well as startups and nonprofits.

Charlotte is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and representation in STEM communities, in that she has taught Robotics to elementary aged girls, and participates in communities such BlackTechColumbus. She has given conference talks at PyCon, CodeMash, AgileCamp, UtahUS, MKE DOT NET, and Scenic City Summit.

Charlotte enjoys adventures with her dog (a puggle named Rocky), stream of consciousness conversations, and animated gifs.