Bill Allen

Senior Consultant

Chicago, IL - USA

Bill Allen is a life-long software developer, helping organizations to apply Software Crafting and Product Discovery in their journey to develop “the right” products. His experiences cover a broad range of industries: FinTech, Big Data, Telecommunications and Automotive.

Bill began his career as a programmer for Sears Roebuck & Co. He then spent 20 years as a consultant developing software for every financial exchange in Chicago (except the Chicago Stock Exchange). Bill regularly presents at conferences on a wide range of topics such as TDD/BDD, Learning Organizations, and Product Discovery.

Bill resides in Chicago. When he is not husbanding, fathering, biking, or working, he is found mentoring. He understands the importance of imparting knowledge to the next generation of software engineers, using weekly Mob Programming hangouts and the user group, Chicago Agile Open Space, that he founded over 10 years ago.