Alexandre Freire

Director of Product Safety

Alex is committed to constantly improving how Industrial Logic delivers value to its customers. He is a programmer, coach, scientist, student and teacher who loves to push boundaries. As Director of Product Safety, he focuses on everything necessary to deliver quality software to solve clients' real world problems and helps provide the tools needed to create a pathway to excellence. Alex believes the way to mastery is based on continuous improvement and that a healthy work environment requires responsibility, feedback, respect, collaboration and learning. He sees a revolution unfolding for software design, development and delivery and wants to help our industry achieve exponential improvement. Alex holds a master’s degree in computer science, with a thesis entitled “Reflections on Teaching Agile Methodologies in the Academy, Industry, and Government.” He speaks frequently at international conferences on organizing Agile teams to develop quality software. Alex is also an accomplished artist and loves architecture, exploring creative tactics of co-existence in spaces that integrate into the environment in a sustainable way. Using Agile practices, he helped build a house on a remote island that was awarded the Institute of Brazilian Architecture’s “Young Architect Prize” for projects completed in 2011. He currently lives with his wife, baby boy and dog in Emeryville, California. He is very active on twitter (@freire_da_silva) about agile, lean, software development, the tech industry, startups, third world politics and the digital culture revolution.