Perry Reid

Senior Coach

Perry is a Senior Consultant with Industrial Logic. He is a veteran of the software development industry with over 30 years of experience driving enterprise software development projects to successful completion. Having worked in the energy, defense, aerospace, finance, and healthcare industries, Perry now applies his diverse and extensive experience to coaching and leading development teams to successful Agile adoption as well as individual, team, and corporate success. Perry is passionate about software development and building high performing teams. As an Agile coach, mentor, and software development practitioner, Perry is a student of the disciplines, spending much of his time training and coaching teams on Agile values, principles and practices (i.e. agile estimating and planning, retrospectives, self organization, OOAD, TDD, BDD, refactoring, continuous integration, and design patterns). Perry seamlessly ties together the values of Agile/Lean with the technical practices of XP using process frameworks such as Scrum, in which he is a Certified Scrum Master. Perry deeply understands the roles and responsibilities of software development teams first hand having worked as a developer, technical lead, architect, tester, database administrator, system administrator, and project manager in teams of all sizes. These experiences give Perry unique insights into these roles and afford him the ability to guide and assist these roles in their transition towards Agile adoption. Perry has a BS degree in Computer Science from The University of Oklahoma and he lives with his family in Oklahoma City, OK.